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"Moving from survival to a flourishing state of mind"

In a society where we are constantly criticized for our differences, it is our goal at Flourishing Minds, to create a non-judgmental space where you can freely embrace who you are.  Diverse clinical skills along with our ability to relate helps to foster a healthy therapeutic relationship and alleviate any negative perspectives associated with personal development and growth. At Flourishing Minds we work with you to uncover your truest potential, and assist you in creating the life you desire. While we can't change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to make the best of life in the present moment.



Psychotherapy, also known as therapy or counseling gives you the opportunity to talk about all things life with a qualified mental health professional. Working one on one we are able to work together on a deeper level to achieve optimal wellness and success.  

How does therapy work?

  1. ​During your initial consultation your therapist learns about what stressors bring you to therapy. An assessment is completed to review the severity of any mental health signs and symptoms to determine what type of treatment modality is best and how often you need to come to therapy. 

  2. Together you and your therapist will discuss your goals for therapy. Your goals will help create your treatment plan. The treatment plan will create the framework for your therapy sessions. 

  3. Ongoing sessions will help you target your goals and address any barriers to treatment or success along the way. We may also adjust the frequency of your sessions during this time if needed.


Our approach is integrative, applying various therapy modalities and evidenced based practices to promote holistic wellness. Working one on one, we work with you to create a plan for therapy that is tailored to meet your needs.  Please see each therapist's profile for more detailed information on therapeutic approaches. Individual and Couples is now therapy available!


 Wellness Coaching is a brief solution focused model aimed to support and motivate you as you work towards lifestyle improvements. Want to learn how to improve your domains of wellness, reduce your stress and create a self care routine that works for your life? If so Wellness Coaching is perfect for you. During your initial session we are able to meet with you to discuss your needs, while creating stepping stones to achieve your goals. We will assess and adjust our goals as needed to create the ultimate wellness plan.


Come and learn what it means to disconnect and unwind with Therapy with Rikki on this wellness retreat. Known for her authenticity, holistic wellness approaches, and all around vibe, Rikki will share what it means to prioritize your self-care and wellness.

Why The Flourishing Mind Retreats

With over 10 year of experience as a Licensed Holistic Therapist and self-care expert Rikki's goal is to provide a safe space for women to be still and learn tools and techniques that promote overall wellness and wellbeing. 


You do not have to be an expert in yoga or wellness to attend this retreat. 


There will be an opportunity to explore holistic practices such as:





Sound Healing 


Wellness Workshops


Whether you want to learn more about holistic healing, relax, explore Tulum, or meet like minded individuals, this retreat is for you! 


We enjoy working within the community to promote mental health and emotional well-being by facilitating workshops, consulting with organizations, as well as public speaking engagements.


Are you a M.S.W. student, upcoming graduate, or new to the field and interested in growing a successful brand and business as a Therapist?  Whether you are new to the field or looking for some new ways to strategize and grow, Rikki provides one on one consulting and has online courses available to take you to the next level.   Book a Coffee Chat or get access to The Six Figure Therapist Blueprint Here.


Rikki offers individual and group supervision to those looking to gain full licensure in the state of Georgia. Want to learn from a supervisor who has the experience and knowledge that will help you excel in your clinical skills? Rikki will help you feel confident as a Clinician, and help build your professional development as a leader in the industry!

Meet The Team

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