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Nishe’e Moore is among the elite 1% of the population that has served. She is a black, female, combat veteran of the United States Navy. When she’s not advocating for female veterans like herself, she’s advocating for the holistic maturation of young women, mental health in all women and safe mental journeys for mothers. 

She obtained her BA in Psychology from NC A&T and her MS in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling from Mercer University.

In 2018, after navigating a bout of postpartum anxiety, Nishe’e established a maternal mental health support group, Breathe Babyy, LLC catering to moms by prioritizing the mental health of the woman first.

She couples her understanding of invisible disabilities with her passion for maternal mental health to dispel the stigma of the “crazy black mama”.

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More about me

I work with women ages 20-40, preferably those desiring motherhood, in motherhood, and loss/ trauma in motherhood (failed IVF, miscarriages, stillborn, NICU) 


Modalities: I’m very interested in, so I lean towards breath work for regulation and mindfulness. Humanistic theory and approach, Polyvagal theory and CBT. I believe very critically that the regulation of our nervous systems ables us as adults to process clearly and make more intentional, rational decisions vs purely emotional ones. And learning skills to cope through high stress and intense situations minimizes the need for pharmaceuticals as a dependency or crutch. 

When not acting as the ever-formidable advocate, I enjoy being outdoors, running, enjoying live music, trying local eateries with my husband, Kevin and being a boy mom to Gabriel (4) Ethan (1) and Mason (due 2023).


Please reach out to me to schedule a free 15 minute consultation today!

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